Monaco Grand Prix Circuit
Automobile Club de Monaco
23 Boulevard Albert 1er
BP 464

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Monaco is perhaps the most charismatic of all F1 destinations. Historically it's held GP races since 1929, though the second race was in 1950.

A playground for millionaires, the city's harbours are full of the most extravagant yachts from all around Europe, all converged into one tiny space as they battle for a view of the action.

The late Ayrton Senna won the race six times during his career, more than anyone other than Graham Hill.

Graham Hill's son, Damon, led in 1996 and looked like he was going to follow in his father's footsteps until an engine failure denied him.


Race Day : May 11th 1997

Circuit Length: 3.328 kilometres/2.087 miles

GMT +2 hours

Thursday Practice: 11.00-12.00 and 13.00-14.00
Saturday Practice: 09.00-09.45 and 10.15-11.00
Saturday Qualifying: 13.00-14.00

Sunday Warm-Up: 09.30-10.00

MONACO GRAND PRIX: 14.30 ... 78 Laps, 260kilometres, 163miles

Lap Record Jacques Villeneuve 1m33.421s/204.313 kph

1996 Olivier Panis Ligier
1995 Michael Schumacher Benetton
1994 Michael Schumacher Benetton
1993 Ayrton Senna McLaren
1992 Ayrton Senna McLaren
1991 Ayrton Senna McLaren
1990 Ayrton Senna McLaren
1989 Ayrton Senna McLaren
1988 Alain Prost McLaren
1987 Ayrton Senna Lotus
1986 Alain Prost McLaren

In 1996, Formula One had a new race winner. After an astonishing race of attrition, cock-ups, and engine failures, Olivier Panis came home with his first career win. It was all to his credit though - he drove a finely measured race while all those around him lost their heads. The weather was atrocious, the track slippy and the cars strangely unreliable. Damon Hill's car had been pulling away from the field until he quickly had the sort of indomitable lead that would guarantee a win no matter what. Sadly the 'what' happened and his engine exploded as he went through the tunnel.

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