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About Speed

Speed Motorsport News is a motorsport news & features magazine based in Great Britain, Europe.

The magazine is a part of Speed Publications Ltd., a company specialising in the production of editorially rich Web sites.

Speed is produced using Microsoft's FrontPage 97 software and the site is designed to be viewed at its best on either Microsoft Internet Explorer, or on Netscape.

Areas of expertise include BTCC, British Club Racing, Formula Saloons, Formula One, and the Indy Racing League. Rather than being primarily a news service, we are aiming to provide high quality features on motorsport in the UK and abroad. We are lucky to have some of Britain's finest motorsport photographers and writers on our contributors list.


David Coveney (editor, web design,BTCC, F1, IRL)
James Beckett (photographer/writer, IRL, F3)
Chris Richardson (photographer/writer, F1 editor)
Martin Ruddick (photographer)
David Morton (photographer/writer)
Tim Biller (picture editor)
Chris Hermann (technical editor)
Steve Lee-Smith (small ovals)

There are also a number of other, less regular contributors who are credited for their work as and when their work appears. Freelance contributions are welcomed.

We'd also like to thank all the people who have been generous with their support and time. They've helped to make Speed happen.

Guidelines for Contributing:

If the contribution is unsolicited, the contributor should first e-mail the editor at dcoveney@yeahright-no-sorry.com with a brief summary. All matters relating to reproduction rights and agency rights should be discussed with the editor.

Written submissions should be in any major WP format, ideally Word 5 or above, or in HTML. If the contributor is a member of CIX then they should binmail the work to dcoveney. On CIS, to mailbox 100101,460. Over the Internet UUEncoded mail should be used to send files to the editor's e-mail address.

If a Word Processor cannot be used then double spaced and typed contributions are acceptable. Please e-mail the editor for information on how to submit entries by post.

Photograph files should be no larger than 70Kb and must be in JPEG format - the size of the image should be approximately 400 pixels by 400 pixels. If a high-resolution equivalent is required then it will be requested. Mailing requirements are the same as for WP files.


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For more information, contact Dave Coveney on dcoveney@yeahright-no-sorry.com

Site Design:

The site design, layout, and graphic art by Dave Coveney.

Copyright Information:

Speed Motorsport News is copyrighted to Speed Publications Ltd. Reproduction for anything other than personal use is prohibited unless clear authorisation has been received from a member of the editorial team.

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