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How to Use Speed Motorsport News

This site has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. That means that we've kept the layout simple, so that there isn't too much to distract the eye when you're reading the articles and viewing the pictures, and the added advantage is that Speed's pages will load quickly.

However, there are a few aids in Speed which are designed to make navigation through the site easier and quicker than it might otherwise be.

As long as you have graphics switched on in your browser (and we recommend that you do) then you will see a set of icons at the top of the page. They're at the top of this page, in fact, although sometimes you'll find that not all the possible icons are on display. In a current browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 3, you'll find that moving your mouse pointer over one of these icons will show a tip which provides a brief description as to what the icon is about.

Here's a brief rundown on the icons :


Clicking here will take you to Speed's 'Home' page. That is, the first page that you would normally arrive at in this site.


The contents of Speed Motorsport News are described in full at the Contents page. A full site contents page is also available.


This icon will take you here! If you need to remind yourself of what certain things do on the site then click here.


Clicking on this icon will take you back one page in a series of linked pages. If, say, we've split an article over several pages then you can always move back through the article by clicking here.


Want to get back to the previous menu? Well this is the button to press.


When used at the top of a page, this icon will take you to the next relevant page. If it's used elsewhere on a page it simply indicates a link.

So... this page is directly linked from the main Home page. If you go to the top you'll see the 'Top' icon. Click on it and you'll go to the home page. If you want to see the contents page, then simply click on the C.

There are also other types of links:

Hyperlinks: Within the text of a document you'll find that some words are underlined. A story about a race might include something about the McLaren, for instance. If it's underlined then it can be clicked on and it will take you to a relevant page. Click on this hyperlink to McLaren to see our story about McLaren's 1997 launch. If you then want to get back to the page you came from, don't press the Speed 'Back' icon, but use your browser's 'Back' button.

Interest links: At the bottom of each document you'll find a link or two. One will always be a 'Top' type of link, but the rest will take you to pages of interest that are relevant to the current page you're looking at. These won't always be links within Speed, but may take you out to a web site of particular interest. You can always return to Speed by using your browser's 'Back' button, or the history facility. At times you'll also find that Interest links appear in the left hand column of a page.

Mail links: Now and then you'll see e-mail addresses which are underlined. Click on the e-mail address and your browser should offer you the option of sending an e-mail to this address.

Other notes:

Full Table of Contents: We maintain a full table of contents on Speed. It's available from the home page, the contents page, or by clicking here!

Fonts: On some systems, the typeface specified within Speed may make it look a little on the small side. However, on others it might look just perfect. To allow for this, most browsers will allow you to specify the font sizes available. You'll usually find a button to cycle through the font sizes on your browser's toolbar. If not, then try the 'preferences' available from the browser menus. If you are still in doubt, then consult your browser's help file or manual.

We recommend that if your browser supports fonts, then your system should have Arial (Helvetica) and Garamond in order to make the most of the visual design used in Speed.

Problems: You may find that Speed isn't as easy to use as we think it is! If this is the case, then e-mail us at dcoveney@yeahright-no-sorry.com

Praise: If you like Speed, then we'd also like to hear from you! Again, e-mail to dcoveney@yeahright-no-sorry.com Whichever way, we want to know your views. They're important. Without feedback we can't possibly get a feel for what turns you on.

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