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The German Grand Prix


Giancarlo Fisichella: What a weekend for the man who was tipped to be Ralfey's underdog. Fisi has consistently walloped Ralf for most of the year with some very astute and safe drives, doing Eddie Jordan's team more good than Ralf has managed. His storming run in qualifying and for most of the race stamped this new boy's authority on Berger's gearbox. Full marks to Fisi, minus several million to that piece of debris that cut his tyres.

Gerhard Berger: There's life in the old duffer yet.

Michael Schumacher: He was lucky to salvage third from an uncharacterisitically quiet race for the German on his home turf. The fireworks in the crowd and this year's possible world champion were absent, but he scored the points and Jacques didn't.

Jarno Trulli: Yay!! He's back and, yes, Olivier should be proud to have Jarno flying his flag. After a good race in Britain, Nakano has again lost the plot. Prost is a good team and Jarno will do well if he can grab the second seat next year if Damon doesn't.

Mika Hakkinen: Third place was some consolation after the British disaster.


Jacques Villeneuve: Do I have to say it again? STAYING ON THE TRACK IS ESSENTIAL to winning a grand prix/world championship/etc. Even in a Williams. Lost the plot after stuffing around in  a non-points finish place and spun off into the gravel all by himself. Loser, loser, loser.

Heinz-Harald Frentzen: (sigh) MEMO TO PATRICK HEAD: Sack him...he's a loser. For someone who was so highly rated and replaced Britain's best driver since Stirling Moss (forget Mansell) he has done depressingly little. Running into Eddie Irvine and then blaming him for his own colossal stupidity is pretty poor form.
MEMO TO FRANK WILLIAMS: What were you thinking? Damon: quiet, committed, FAST, wins lots of races, loses a few. Frentzen: quiet, committed, fast (sometimes), stupid (most times), wins one race, loses other races. Hmmm....what's the problem with this picture?
MEMO TO DAMON HILL, OBE: The car you run is crap, your team likes Pedro more for a reason which escapes me, but, hey, Frentzen sucks in a Williams and Jacques isn't that much better, either.

Stewart-Ford: The usual crap equipment from FoMoCo ruining a weekend. Dear, oh, dear...

David Coulthard: One day it will all come together for McLaren. These are two very talented drivers and a good engine package...all it needs is that extra spot of whatever (Adrian Newey) and we're there.

Peter Klamus

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