Circuit de Catalunya
Carretera de Granollers

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Spain's current Grand Prix circuit is the Circuit de Catalunya, near Barcelona. This compact but sophisticated circuit offers a range of fast flowing corners as well as a long, fast straight.

Jerez, which might be hosting a GP this year, is Spain's second circuit.


Race Day : May 25th 1997

Circuit Length: 4.725 kilometres/2.936 miles

GMT +2 hours

Friday Practice: 11.00-12.00 and 13.00-14.00
Saturday Practice: 09.00-09.45 and 10.15-11.00
Saturday Qualifying: 13.00-14.00

Sunday Warm-Up: 09.30-10.00

SPANISH GRAND PRIX: 14.00 ... 65 Laps, 307 km, 191 miles

Lap Record Damon Hill 1m24.531s 201.313 km/h
1996 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
1995 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
1994 Damon Hill Williams
1993 Alain Prost Williams
1992 Nigel Mansell Williams
1991 Nigel Mansell Williams

A wet race in 1996 allowed Michael Schumacher to take his first ever win for Ferrari. A brilliant drive made the most of the errors made in the Williams team which resulted in cars which had an inappropriate setup for the wet conditions.

Races were first held in Barcelona in 1951 on a street circuit in the suburbs. It was seventeen years later when racing then resumed at either Jarama or Montjuich - a Barcelona park.

The Circuit de Catalunya is a purpose built track designed to give the drivers a good mix of driving experience in a safe and enjoyable facility.

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