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Speed would like to apologise to all our readers who have signed on hoping to view full coverage of the 1996 RAC Rally. For reasons which have not been given to us International Sportsworld Communicators Ltd, the rights holders for all FIA sanctioned events, have chosen to refuse to grant us media rights.

We don't understand these actions, but it means that the near live news service which we were planning will have to be cancelled.

We'd like to thank the following companies for their excellent support in the run up to our rejection by ISC:

John Blishen & Co. Ltd

As the editor, I'd also like to thank everyone who's helped Speed prepare for the rally. The team, the PR people, some of the rally teams and the spouses of the same who've had to put up with me calling at all hours :-)

If you're following the rally then there is no official Internet presence that is live at the time of writing. We'll do a little bit here but on the whole we know where we're not wanted, so it'll be very limited. Sorry.


The Speed editorial team.


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