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McLaren's MP4-12 was launched in a blaze of publicity in mid-February 1997. The Spice Girls were there. That's how much publicity they wanted!

Fortunately, the car looks utterly gorgeous....



McLaren MP4-12 Technical Specification


McLaren moulded carbon fibre/aluminium honeycomb composite incorporating front and side impact structures. Contains integral safety fuel cell.


McLaren longitudinal six speed gearbox with semi automatic operation. Control by TAG Electronic Systems. McLaren drive shafts and CV assemblies.


Front & rear: Inboard spring/damper operatedby pushrod and bellcrank with a double wishbone system.

Springs: Eibach

Dampers: Penske

Tyres: Goodyear

Race Wheels: Enkei


Construction: One piece side pod and engine cover. Seperate floor section, front suspension cover, structural nose witrh integral front wing, rear wing assembly.


Engine Oil: Mobil1 Mobil Unleaded

Oil Tank: integral with gearbox casing

Water radiators: McLaren/Calsonic


Oil radiators: McLaren/Calsonic


TAG Electronic Management System 2000 integrated angine and chassis control and data aquisition system. TAG Electronic Systems also supply the electronic dasgboard, ignition coils, altenator voltage control, sensors data analysis and telemetry systems


Mercedes-Benz FO110E V10

Type: 75 degree V10

Capacity: 3000cc

Valves: 2 camshafts per bank, 4 valves per cylinder

Cyl. Block: Sand cast aluminium alloy, wet liners

Cyl. Head: One piece sand cast aluminium alloy

Crankshaft: Steel

Pistons: Forged aluminium alloy

Oil System: Dry sump

Ignition: TAG 200 Electronic System

Weight: 124 Kg without clutch

Width: 546.4 mm accross water outlet

Height: 483mm to air filter

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