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Lola's T97 was launched in relatively tranquil style late in February 1997.  

Lola T97 Technical Specifications


LOLA T97/30

Chassis: Carbon aluminium honeycomb composite monocoque utilsing Lola's Finite Element Analysis (FEA) technique

Electronics: PI data aquisition systems including onboard displays and telemtry.

Suspension: Wishbone all round. Front unequal length upper and lower wishbones using pushrod system operating inboard spring/Koni dampers. Ventilated ‘uprights’ fabricated from steel alloy with titanium ‘live’ hubs.

Steering: Lola designed drop gear rack and pinion.

Transmission: Semi automatic transverse six speed gearbox. PI elecronic management control system driver-operated by paddles.

Fuel System: Single central Premier safety fuel cell. 155 litres

Cooling system: Twin mounted Serck Maston core water radiators, Serck oil cooler with Titeflex hose and fittings

Brakes: Metal Matrix Construction (MMC) AP callipers, Carbon Industrie/AP discs.

Wheels: OZ single hexagon nut fixing. Lola design

Tyres: Bridgestone



Lola has commissioned the design and build of its own V10 engine. The car will run in V8 configuration until the V10 design represents a more competitive option. The chassis has been designed to cater for V8 and V10 as fully stressed members. The rear suspension is mounted onto a highly-developed transverse transmission to maximise engine-to-gearbox stiffness.

Lola T97 Launch Story 

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