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 1997 Car Specifications



The FW19

Technical Specification Engine: Renault V10, RS9, 3 litre normally-aspirated Management System: Magneti Marelli

Transmission: Six-speed Williams transverse semi-automatic

Clutch: AP

Chassis: Carbon Aramid epoxy composite, manufactured by Williams

Suspension: Williams. Torsion bar front, Helical coil rear with Williams-Penske dampers

Steering: Williams

Cooling System: Two Secan water radiators, two IMI oil radiators either side of the chassis

Brakes: Carbone Industrie discs and pads operated by AP calipers

Lubricants: Castrol

Fuel: Elf

Wheels: Oz; 13 x 11.5 front, 13 x 13.7 rear

Tyres: Goodyear Eagle radials

Spark Plugs: Champion

Cockpit Instrumentation: Williams digital data display

Seat Belts: Six-point Willans

Steering Wheel: Personal

Driver's seat: Anatomically formed in carbon/epoxy composite material with suede covering

Extinguisher Systems: Williams, with Metron actuators and FM 100 extinguishants

Paint System: DuPont CENTARI*

Front Track: 1670 millimetres ,

Rear Track: 1600 millimetres

Wheelbase: 2890 millimetres

Weight: 605kg including driver and camera weight

Overall car length: 4150 millimetres



Technical Specification: 10 cylinders in V configuration 71degrees

Length: 623mm

Width: 542mm

Height to cylinder heads: 395mm Weight: approximately 121kg depending on equipment

Materials: Cylinder heads in aluminium, cylinder block, oil sump and timing cover in thin aluminium

Valves: Pneumatically controlled Magneti Marelli electronic engine management and static ignition

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