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Benetton's 1996 championship was a pretty miserable affair with little to cheer about. The new car has set impressive times in testing and looks a much better proposition for challenging Williams in 1997.  


Benetton B197 Technical Specs

Chassis : Carbon fibre composite monocoque manufactured by Benetton Formula. Renault RS 09 engine installed as a fully stressed member attached to the rearmost monocoque bulkhead.

Front Suspension : Double wishbone and pushrod with Benetton designed and manufactured suspension system located on top of the monocoque.

Rear Suspension : Double wishbone and pushrod with upper mounted Benetton designed and manufactured damper units.

Brakes : Carbon fibre discs and pads, all round.

Transmission : Benetton semi-auto six-speed gearbox. Triple-plate clutch.

Fuel System : ATL rubber fuel cell mounted within monocoque structure behind cockpit.

Oil System : Oil tank within bell-housing providing two gallon/nine litres capacity.

Cooling System : Separate water and oil cooling; water radiators in each sidepod.


Renault RS9 V10 Engine

A Renault V10. Which is quite nice...

Description : 71 deg. V1

Displacement : 3,000 cc

Length : 623mm

Width : 542mm

Height : 395mm to cylinder heads

Weight : approximately 121kg., depending on equipment

Fuel injection & ignition : Joint Benetton / Magnetti Marelli electronic engine management.


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Photo of Renault V10 by Dave Coveney.