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Autosport International is a show that's famous for actually throwing in some live action. In Hall 11 the Silverstone Karting centre is holding kart races all day every day for the duration of the show. Why not take part and prove for yourself that you can race and mix it with the best of them? You may even find yourself tousling for the lead with a celebrity racer....

Next door, in Hall 12 you'll find the Live Action Arena. In there you'll see the loudest, maddest and most entertaining racing you're ever likely to see! The Live Action shows will be hosted by Top Gear presenters Tiff Needell and Jeremy Clarkson. During each of the three public days there'll be four shows at 11.00 am, 12.30pm, 2.15pm, and 3.45pm.

Displays will be held involving TVR Tuscans, Rallycross, Rallying, and even quad bikes.

So... what would we suggest you go and check out on your visit to the Autosport International Show? Read on...

Pirelli have the nifty Colin McRae Rally Simulator, while just next to the Autosport stage is the Microprose F1GP2 stand where you can try the F1 simulater whilst seated in mock ups of Formula 1 cars.

Volvo are unveiling their 1997 BTCC challenger - the S40, on Friday, Renault are showing their development of this year's car as are Ford with their Mondeo. Peugeot's new 406 Touring car is on display at their impressive stand.

The Bilstein stand should be host to Top Gear's affable rally presenter, Tony Mason, and the media & public friendly Simmonite sisters.

Champion have a 'marquee' made up of themselves and associated manufacturers which is full of goodies and treats for the motorsport enthusiast, including an impressive range of motorsport engines like the incredibly succesful Renault F1 V10 engine.

All throughout the weekend there are events for everyone to enjoy. Even if you have no plan for covering the whole show you'll still find yourself bumping into car launches and celebrity chats.

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