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Please remember that the advice given below and within the Speed magazine is given in good faith and without guarantee in any form whether implied or otherwise.

This is the most important thing to remember whenever you go to watch a motorsport event. It is a dangerous sport and that inevitably means that there are potential risks involved.

The key points to remember:

  1. Pay attention to the marshalls. They're there to help you and protect you. If they tell you to stop standing somewhere then move!
  2. Remember that rally cars travel quickly. Don't get in their way, don't put or drop debris into their path, and consider what might happen if there's an accident.
  3. If you travel out to any of the more remote stages then please remember that it's a British winter. Dress appropriately, take some food and a hot flask, and remember to enjoy yourselves in spite of the flu you've just caught!

Travel early to avoid the disappointment of missing your favourite stages. Directions to each and every stage are available from this site in the Stage Info section and are there to help you.
If you're following the rally from stage to stage then remember that the police will be in plentiful numbers. Getting a speeding ticket would spoil your day - so if you find you're going to be late for one stage then decide to skip it and aim for the one after it. It'll be easier and safer that way.
2.5 million spectators were recorded at last year's event. It's going to be busy - so prepare yourself.

Our advice is to always park in the official car parks. Anything else can, and often does, lead to tears. Details of all official parking for the 1996 RAC Rally are available in the Stage Info section.

Service Areas
Most service areas on the rally are unable to accomodate spectators due to their size or location and spectators are kindly asked not to attempt to gain access to them. Two service areas, however, are open to spectators:

At end of Leg 1, Saturday 23rd November.
Car and Coach park D, Elland Road, Leeds. First car due at 21:23
Parking:in Car Park C opposite. Approach from M621 junction 1 via A6110 (outer ring road).

At end of Leg 3, Monday 25th November.
Bodelwyddan Castle, Off the A55 (Chester to Abergele Road). First car due at 15:07
Parking: on ONE side of adjacent public road. Approach via A55 - no parking on A55, if you do then your car will be towed away by the police.

Safety in Service Areas.
DO NOT try to take your car into the service area.
DO NOT block the access roads to the service area.
DO NOT crowd the service crews when they are working on the cars.
DO NOT stand around the time controls at the entrance and exit of the service area.
BE VIGILANT for cars and service vehicles moving in the service area and do not block their route.
STAND IN SAFE PLACES in the areas set aside for you.
OBEY the instructions of the marshals.

The Speed Team.
You may well see us travelling from stage to stage. Look out for a Peugeot 806 mobile office with Orange stickers all over it and sitting inside will be the scruffiest bunch of reporters you've ever set eyes on! Say 'Hello' if you see us there!

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