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Stage Information

Stage 21 - Pantperthog

09:01| £5 per car

Stage length: 9.55 miles

Principal marshalling clubs: Harlech & DMC.

Location: 2.5 miles north of Machynlleth, west of A487.

Car parks: To the east of the Stage off the A487, car parks A and B give access to start, finish and mid-points.

Fact file: length of stage in 1995 - 9.58 miles. Fastest time 8 mins 59 secs (McRae).

Car parks open: 20:00 Sunday

A difficult stage on narrow, twisty and hilly roads often affected by mist and rain.

Routes: from the south, either use A487 via Machynlleth to car park A or A487 via Machynlleth, B4404 and unclassified road north to car park B.

Warning: cars parked beside the road or on verges will be towed away.

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