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Stage 16 - Ferodo Tatton Park

15:25 | Catering | Commentary | Toilets | £7 per person (Children under 16 £1)

Stage length: 4.73 miles

Principal marshalling clubs: Knutsford MC, Lancashire & Cheshire MC, Northern University MCs., MAC.

Location: One mile north of Knutsford on A50 Stoke to Warrington road and 2 miles from junction 19 of the M6 and 3 miles south of junction 7 of the M56.

Car parks: 6000 car park spaces within Tatton Park or car parks in Knutsford Town with a 1- mile walk to stage.

Fact file: length of stage in 1995 - 4.94 miles. Fastest time 5 mins 41 secs (Sainz).

Car parks open: 10:00 Sunday - disabled parking and viewing is available. Telephone Tatton on 01565 654 822 for details.

Open parkland with fast winding roads interspersed with wide bends, a hairpin and chicane. The stage starts in front of the Mansion where a disabled parking and viewing area is situated.

Routes: from the M6 follow the RAC signs to Rostherne Gate via A556 - do not attempt to approach through Rostherne Village. From Knutsford, follow RAC signs north on A50 and enter through Mere Gate. Knutsford Town Gate is available for pedestrians only. Disabled spectators are advised to enter through Mere Gate to gain access to a special parking and spectator area.

Warning: Do not park on nearby access roads or on the streets in Knutsford - you may find a parking ticket or your vehicle has been towed away. Knutsford Town Gate will be for pedestrians only - but be prepared for a long walk to the stage.

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