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Stage Information

Stage 4 - Redesdale

13:00 | £5 per car

Stage length: 9.99 miles

Principal marshalling clubs: Whickham MC

Location: Just south of the A68 near Byrness

Car parks: Car Park A is off the A68 near the Forest Drive entrance. Car park B is along the Forest Drive and car park C is on the Pennine Way - both accessed from the Forest Drive entrance south of Byrness on the A68. Car park D is also on the Forest Drive but accessed from the Kielder Village end - a long drive to the stage.

Factfile: Holds the record for the most retirements on a stage with 12 cars off, or stopped, in 1991.

Car parks open: 07:00 Saturday

Not used since 1991 this stage is the first of 3 in the massive Kielder Forest starting just off the A68 at Byrness and crossing the Forest Drive and Pennine Way. Twisty at first then into long undulating straights with some tight bends. A popular and easily accessed stage.

Routes: Car park D from Kielder, the remainder from the A68 near Byrness (between Otterburn and Carter Bar).

Warning: no parking on the A68 - police will be patrolling.

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